Turkeyfoot Sportsman Club



This Sunday we will have breakfast for both Fathers and Mothers Day. We are serving both Mom and Dads for free, all others $4. Please honor members only and immediate family. We will practice social distancing and please feel free to eat outside on the deck, pavilion and or bring your own seating and arrangements in the parking lot.

We have our Daily, Weekly and Monthly Signups, with all done behind the bar. If you do not feel safe to come and get signed up, simply call us and stay in the parking lot and someone will come out and get you signed up. Thursday 5/28/20 we will begin our weekly drawing night. We will come out and assist anyone who wishes to remain in the parking lot.

We continue to work to ensure we operate according to all required guidelines by the State. This includes, but is not limited to Safe Distancing, the allowance of masks to be worn by anyone and all various requirements by our Employees and the Club, according to State Guidelines and the Health Department. We have a reduced maximum capacity. Signs are posted throughout the facility informing everyone of important safety guidelines.

We do not want anyone who feels it is unsafe for them, to attend. If you want to come to the parking lot and call us, we will have someone come to your vehicle and sign you up for any of our raffles.

We expect all employees, members and guests, to abide by all required guidelines. This is a big new change for us all and we will do our best. Please understand, this will take time to perfect and please have patience and understanding, as we all adjust. Anyone who does not abide by the required guidelines, will be asked to leave.

Our Spring Cleanup on May 16th, went very well and we thank all who attended and worked on many items needed.

BAR TOP PROJECT – Was completed on time for opening day. We want to thank you all so much for the generous donations. We are happy to inform that no general funds were needed.

The Turkeyfoot Sportsman Club is Not for Profit, Members Only Club, located in the Portage Lakes. We provide a place for members to gather and socialize. Our Charter is Conservation and we work to discuss, learn and be active in the area, involving Nature and sporting activities, such as Boating, Hunting, Fishing in and around the Portage Lakes and surrounding Communites and areas in Summit County.


Conservation in and around the Lakes

The Turkeyfoot Sportsman Club has been active in Conservation in and around the Portage Lakes for 70 years. Monthly Meetings are held to discuss information involving the Portage Lakes Area and other area parks around South Summit County. Reports are given on Fishing, Hunting and other outdoor activities. The ODNR meets with us periodically, to discuss many of the activities and issues around the Lakes and other surrounding areas, providing information on Boater Safety, Rules and Regulations and various projects going on in the area.



We are a large group of families from all of the local communities and have grown to be a supportive group, working together as a family. We sponsor member children and grandchildren on higher education, to help them with College in our Sponsorship program. We help those in need around the community during Christmas time. We host and provide annual parties for the children and grandchildren of our members for Christmas and Easter Holidays.

We host various other events throughout the year for the Membership, to promote friendship and socialization.

The Club helps to provide local  support to other Organizations and Senior Citizens.